Pre-order Policy

Why Pre-Order?

When you make a pre-order from our store, we will reserve the item for you. For supply and demand, most of the time when any popular items are newly released, the market prices often become so high. And it is often difficult to get them fast elsewhere at their original prices. So pre-order is a good way to reserve popular items at reasonable prices.


The difference between Hot Toys First Batch Pre-order & Second Batch Pre-order

When it comes to pre-order, Hot Toys is the name to mention. Being a Hong Kong-based toy company, Hot Toys release their products in Hong Kong 2-3 months earlier than in other countries. Customers who make the First Batch Pre-order from our store will be guaranteed to have it shipped within 1-3 working days after the item is released by Hot Toys. For customers who do not mind waiting longer and choose the Second Batch Pre-order, the shipment will be 2-3 months later than the First Batch release.


Making Pre-Order Payment

Customers could choose to pay a 20% or 50% deposit of the amount. You will be notified to pay the remaining balance when the item is released and ready to be shipped. Your order will be shipped within 2 business days only after full payment is received (i.e. deposit + remaining balance). Customers could pay the remaining balance within 30 days after the pre-ordered product is released and ready to be shipped. If customer is unable to complete the remaining balance within 30 days, the pre-order will be canceled and we will refund buyer and reserve the right to forfeit 10% of the deposit as an administration expense. We will fully refund deposits to customers if the manufacturer officially announces certain product is canceled. We are not responsible for product delays from the Manufacturer. We will ship as soon as possible when products arrive at our stock.